DUCREY Paysage has chosen to put its knowledge to good use in the service of nature. Our work consists in shaping, laying-out and maintaining mountain terrains in order to ecologically enhance nature.

We work in Savoie and Haute Savoie for the various municipalities, ski areas, hunting federations, farmers and the communities using machines adapted to the situation (treating ski slopes, crushing of vegetation covering the land as well as halting the advance of forests, help in the opening of ski slopes,...)

For operators of ski areas, our work is of real economic interest as it gives the possibility of skiing on less snow which is important nowadays given the levels of snowfall in general.

DUCREY Paysgage gives ecological value and heritage to our countryside which is beginning to lose its identity !

Ducrey PaysageTractors equipped for mountain shredding Ducrey PaysagePasture at Truc (Saint-Gervais) after grinding work Ducrey PaysageClearing of agricultural land at Ugine in Savoie Ducrey PaysageEnlargement of a pasture at Saint-Alban-des-Hurtieres in Savoie
Ducrey PaysageMowing slopes at Carroz-d'Araches Ducrey PaysageTreating ski slopes at Carroz-d'Araches Ducrey PaysageGiven a track of Carroz d'Araches after grinding with tractors winched
Ducrey PaysageCrawler tractor with winch Ducrey PaysageAfter grinding Ducrey PaysageTractor AEBI being crushed Ducrey PaysageMowed ski slopes at Megève
Ducrey PaysageTractor with tracks and a forest grinder Ducrey PaysageChase at Ugine Ducrey PaysageSeen from a tractor grinding Ducrey PaysageGear surprised by the snow which does not work
Ducrey Paysage, paysagiste à Sallanches près de Megève Haute Savoie 74
Ski slope maintenance in the area of Rochebrune at Megève